Flowers in a Lightning Storm

Welcome to the home of my Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Here you will find stories devoted to the relationship between Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee in all of its many aspects, from friendship to love--and beyond. Please feel free to browse the fiction and art galleries at your leisure; I'm pleased to offer such a wide variety of interpretations of the hobbits' relationship from so many devoted and talented individuals!

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That said, welcome to my website!

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Before you begin, please take note of a few warnings and disclaimers:


This site contains material that may offend some viewers, chiefly slash, which is the portrayal of two male or two female characters in an intimate relationship. Content also ranges from ratings of G to NC-17 (each story is labeled accordingly), so please make sure you're old enough (and permitted) to read these kind of stories in your part of the world.


I make no claim to owning any of the characters or worlds herein, nor do I make any profit from them. The pleasure of writing about these wonderful hobbits is more than I could ever ask :)

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